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Small update.

Just passing by very quickly, as things are still busy here: work, comic stuff taking all the time (really having fun with the Nick magazine Avatar pages :) ). But everything is moving along. Health is better, still trying to get extra rest (Ha!).

Part 4, only two pages, 333-334Collapse )

Smells like something's burning

Walked outside today, and I could really smell the big Sylmar fire. Couldn't see it, but those low lying clouds were not just the usual LA...erm...air quality type.
Made for an awesome sunset though. The only good thing about this whole disaster.

Took a small break from work (or go nuts). I'm also currently inking pages. Feels good to be inking again!
I should ink a few Water Tribe pages at some point. I can't decide which ones though. NOT crowd ones, that's for sure!
Water Tribe part 4, 330-332Collapse )

Not a writer, take 2

If I was a proper writer, I could divide the amount of dialogue by 4! I'd find the right words for what needs to be said.
In the meantime, you'll have to live with the verbose version I'm afraid.

Part 4, 325-329Collapse )

Enjoyed it while I could

Fun past weekend! Flew in to San Francisco on Halloween night (so many disguised people downtown!), attended APE on Saturday, browsing for books: big hellos and hugs to everyone there, I had a blast (sorry if I don't name you all, and for not having read all your books yet either).
Sunday was a little tour to Muir Woods and Sonoma for wine tasting.
3 wineries in one day is plenty, believe me!
We're now Monday, back at work immediately after flying back in. There's a huge deadline looming, meaning loads of work for the next two weeks. I'm not making any promises on Water Tribe updates, but in the meantime...
Part 4, 318-324Collapse )


Couldn't think of a title for this post. Brain must be near death (oh look! A tunnel with a light at the end!)

I'm going to have to slow down these updates as I need to get more real work done. Discipline, discipline...ah, who am I kidding, I am weak!
But there will be less pages. Na.
Looks like I'll be concentrating on part four instead of reworks of part 3. I'm so close to the end, sooooooo close!!

Part 4, pages 313-317Collapse )

Busy bizzness

As some of you may know already, Nick Magazine will be making more Avatar comics! Great news, and I'm happy to be helping along once again. I'll hopefully be doing a few stories with the help of Josh Hamilton (staff writer on Avatar), and other talented folks like Katie Matilla, Justin Ridge, aliwildgoose and many others.
As far as I know, none of the stories will be set after the end of season 3. I guess everything set during the three seasons and before is fair game, mwahaha!
All the stories will be for all ages. Hope you will enjoy.

And if I feel like putting some kickbutts moments...I'll vent that need in Water Tribe.

Part 4, pages 305-312Collapse )

300 twice!

Part four updates of Water Tribe are based on the old pages count, before revisions. So now I've reached 300, based on the old counting.
With the revised pages, that's more than 350 pages total.


Ok, before I waste any more time on this whole water tribe madness, I have to go and watch a movie for work.
No really!
It's research!

Part 4, 298-304Collapse )

Some reworks+APE

Though neither the Flight crew nor the good folks of Gallery Nucleus will be present, I decided to go to the APE convention at the end of November anyway. I'll be free to roam the place and play the role of buyer this time, ha ha!
Not too much though. Gotta be careful of spending plus the limited shelf space I have left at the apartment. I'm starting to accumulate stuff again! Gah!
Mind you, I'll only go on Saturday. The Hostel where I'll be staying organises a tour of Muir Woods and winery places, so I'll be away most of the day Sunday for that.
Giant trees plus wine. Oh yeah, that's my kind of Sunday!
(mental note- need new camera!)

Water Tribe part 3 reworks- 187-192Collapse )

Rambling on with life

Back from Montreal since Monday. Big thanks to my parents for moving all the boxes to my hometown of Amos (I know mom is still looking for space to put all my books...poor her!).
Big thanks to my Montreal friend\ex-roommate who put everything in boxes and saved us a lot of time.
Got rid of some last bit of furniture by putting them on the sidewalk (no used furniture places would take them). Put a little sign on them saying "adopt me!" and by late evening, they were all gone!
Since then, back at work and nothing else much happening. Really nothing to add so I'll just shut up and post some pages.

Part 4, 291-297Collapse )

Sunday night

Biggest news of the week: I finally took the plunge and bought a Cintiq- the 20" one. Just a wee bit smaller to make sure it would fit on the desk. So now, I can bring work home, yipeee! I cannot escape work anymore! Ha ha! Hrmm...

I'll be going to Montreal mid week, and will stay there all weekend. I need to go and empty my half of the apartment there, leaving the whole place for my friend to use properly for what she needs. I'll be missing her and the place, we had many good fun years together as roommates.

Decided to to a big dump of Water Tribe pages, since I don't know when I'll be updating next (certainly not next weekend!). Hope you enjoy.
(The end is almost in sight! Waugh!)
I apologise if I didn't reply to all the comments recently. It's been really hectic these days.

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