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Once again, no drawings to post. Actually, I should be drawing for work but taking a break.

First things first: The very last volume of Flight is out! Flight 8 can be found in any good bookstore or can be ordered on Amazon. So many great artists contributed, making this book a must have. Look for it in your local bookstore or online.
(No, I'm not in it, ha ha! I'll be in Explorer, out sometimes next year).

Another book to look out for: the collected Avatar stories made for Nick Magazine have been collected into this very nice trade paperback. It includes stories that had never seen print in the US!

Was going to write about Cars 2 but my brain is shutting down and every line I wrote was pure nonsense rambling.

More Guardians

The big Licensing Expo is happening in Las Vegas. That's where studios go to drum up business and interest in future projects. went around, taking pictures of the various posters and promo images of the upcoming movies. then went ahead and also posted images. Scroll down, and you may see what was done for Guardians:

Which then sparked this.
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Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy

Daytime work about to pick up at a mad pace again. Nuh!
I said it before: I can't work as fast or as late as I used to.
I also notice I'm sleeping less hours.

Right now, doing a few fixes on Flight pages and getting them ready with text and all, I can feel tiredness settling in.
So glad I asked my colorist for Horus to help. Saved my sanity! Thank you, Saymone!

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Various ramblings

Saw Kung Fu Panda 2 last night- was surprised to see I got a full storyboard credits, as I feel I did very little compared to all the other talented fine folks who worked on it. Surprised and happy to have seen about 15 seconds of board has survived the final version!

The movie is out May 26th in North America. For those of you who will go see it, hope you'll enjoy! Still a lot of humour, and they've pushed the art and the look in this one. Bravo to the art team!!

Still finishing those Explorer pages. Happy that the colorist for my Horus book is able to help!

There's a bit of news about Guardians- on the book front.
The film is based on the books. I wonder if people will make that many comparisons with it as say when Dragons came out. I feel like were playing in a parallel universe, with books and movies being done at the same time, with the books coming out first.
A few images from the books are available here:

I wonder if that will make out studio release more pics of the production. Hmmm...

oh! And I've given all the characters and infos about the 20 years image on DA:

Time flies

Whoa, actual downtime! Using it to ink Explorer pages. Man, the Cintiq has made a total wimp out of me. I actually find it harder here and there to ink traditionally. I still prefer it though.

Two bit of news: the Free Comic Book day story with Zhao was out last weekend. I still cringe that people may think that I stole the plot from Shyamalan (HA! AS IF!), but that comic was done waaaaaaaaayyyyy before "that" movie was out. I remember checking the final color in October 2009, same weekend as my cousin's wedding.
A clear case of coincidence-synchronicity-mind reading.

Kung Fu Panda is out May 26th, right around the corner. I helped on it at the very beginning of the project. I'm glad to say some of my work survived, about a whole 10 seconds of storyboards towards the end of the film. That's something, considering the movie had 2+years to tweak and change from the version I remember.

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News from the battlefront: getting ready for a screening on May 19th. Mental preparation for overtime. So many drawings, just nothing I can show. The usual.

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Kung Fu Panda 2 and other odd things

None of my art to post, but other fun things nonetheless:

First off, finally they're releasing a picture of the villain for Kung FU Panda 2.

Get ready as we introduce new characters from #KungFuPanda 2!... on Twitpic

I may have a small credit in the film (only worked on it very briefly and very early). Curious to see how the whole thing turned out!

I'll update this post with the new trailer later out today.

A big shout out to redvelvetaddict , for turning me into a fan of the BBC series "Horrible Histories.
I'm hooked.

Will be trying to see Rango this weekend.

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