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Heaven, I'm in heaven...

Went to this wonderful little french restaurant not too far from Glendale, with my roommate Phil and friend Chris Applehans.
It was...orgasmically good.
Sorry for the image, but it was oh-so-good, I'll be talking about it for days. Had Duck Magret, and it was mouth melting good. And Crème Brulée for dessert.
*sigh* Total Satisfaction.

And I got to speak some french too with one of the waiters, who instantly recognised my french canadian accent. 
There are big differences between French from France, and Quebec french, especially the slang. It's like British English and American English. 
You'll understand most of it, but then again...
For those of you speaking french, here's a funny oh so real example of comparing slang french from France, from the French Slang from Quebec. For you non french speaker, you can skip that link.
Version 3 is my absolute fave.

Work moving along: I redid a few drawings for a comic, finished some corrections for the boards and am now helping the Übertalented Lauren cleaning up her section. I oh so not want to mess it up, her drawing is so solid! There are some rough looking ones I won't even touch, the drawing is so nice as is.

Sneaked in a few more Water Tribe AU pages in between all this.
(I want to fix that last panel of page no the meantime, this version stays)


Zhao's getting a little bit frustrated...

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