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I am falling off the face of this planet

I am barely present on Livejournal anymore- ouch!
I am wasting time on Tumblr instead, I'm afraid, using LJ to keep an eye on what friends are doing, because some are not on Tumblr and...and...
Isn't there a program somewhere that would just take all those journals, blogs and what not and create one huge monster of updates?
Too much of a mess? Yeah, probably.

Anyway, it's been a crazy past few months (work, overtime, no life) and though I sill have to spend a bit more time on Guardians, I am also seeing the end of my work on it coming to an end.
I am genuinely sad to be leaving this talented crew in the near future *snif*
The end of 2 years...
And talking of Guardians, these posters debuted online today:

Sandy, Sandman
Tooth, Tooth Fairy
Jack Frost, Jack Frost
Bunny, Easter Bunny
North, Santa
Pitch, The Bogeyman

And now, back to work!
Tags: bunny, jack frost, north, pitch, rise of the guardians, sandman, tooth fairy
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