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Peeking out for a few minutes

Oh wow, when was the last time I updated this poor journal?

Heck, I've not really done any updates anywhere, except a few things on Tumblr but nothing I would call...productive? What can I say, daytime work is occupying my every waking moment (and some sleep hours too).

So all that is happening in my life is work, really. Being on the subject of that...

I can't help but show this everywhere. I've been on this one project for over a year now, and could not show or share anything. It was gnawing at me! When it's all you do and you have to keep it bottled up...
But finally, FINALLY, some information and art is starting to trickle out, like our first official teaser poster:

Teaser Poster

The first article that gives a few hints about the project (and is not too spoilery)

As mentioned, there's a teaser trailer in the work. It should be ready some time in...Spring? Maybe? I have no official dates.

I just want to start helping to create a buzz around it. I'm dreading our opening weekend. Five days before our movie opens, the Twilight juggernaut will start steam rolling over all other movies that will open after it (ours included). If the Twilight this year could erase Muppets, Hugo and Arthur Christmas and keep the top spot for 3 weeks, imagine what the final film will do next year? Damn you, Twilight movie (and sorry to the fans who like it, I am biased).
Two weeks after Guardians open, The Hobbit starts up. And Disney will also have an animated film out a few weeks before ours: Wreck-It Ralph.

We'll end up like the mustard in the movie sandwich. Eeeep!

I was tempted to post on Tumblr an image of the voice cast for Guardians. A quick visual recognition of the actor talent that is working on the film


Chris Pine (Jack Frost)
Hugh Jackman (Easter Bunny)
Isla Fischer (Tooth Fairy)
Jude Law (Pitch/The Bogeyman)
Alec Baldwin (North/Santa)
Not pictured, Dakota Goyo as Jamie.

I hesitated, as I'm dreading this may start the old venomous discussion about having known actors as voice talent. Every big studios is doing it too, but still...
I understand the argument: less well known voice actors can do outstanding work too!
But in the fight against Twilight, maybe it can help a little if we can brandish known names at the crowds?

I tell you, the world of promotion is a dangerous, pitiless place. It scares and baffles me.

Stopping here. I have some sleep hours I need to catch up on.
And darn it, maybe I will post the cast picture on Tumblr.
I have the weekend to think about it.
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