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SDCC 2011

If you can make it to San Diego Comicon this year, come and celebrate the release of the last volume of Flight! (Booth 2235, between Marvel and Sideshow Collectibles)
I won't have anything there this year, not really. A very few copies of Water Tribe, so unless you specifically ask for won't see them on the table.
But plenty of great great contributing artists to Flight will drop by for signings:
Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet, Flight), Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy),Raina Telgemeier (Smile),Jake Parker (Missile Mouse),Kean Soo (Jellaby), Stuart Livinston (The Table), Katie Shanahan, Der-Shing Helmer (The Meek), JP Ahonen (Northern Over Exposure), Scott Campbell (The Great Showdowns), Tony Cliff (Delilah Dirk)
and a few more!

Noticed an increase in the number of spam on LJ. Grah!

And can't anyone come up with titles anymore? Fffff!!!

I mean:

And then this:

Rise of the guardians
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