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Random schtuff

Another day goes by- getting closer to celebrate a few more birthdays- first my grandma, who will reach 84 (or is it 85?) and who has started playing the Wii at Christmas. I'm thinking of getting her another controller or another game. But what would she like. Hmmm...
In about a week, my best friend will celebrate her birthday, and I really don't know what to send her as a gift, seeing as I don't know the stores around here that much, and can't get her anything calligraphy related. Sigh. 
Looks like a card will have to do in the meantime. Feels so cheap!

Found a serie of short humour films that really grew on me after the third video : Chad Vader - younger brother of the more famous one...though he really can't get all the same respect. All 6 current videos can be seen here:

You have to see film 5 and its ghost! So silly :D
And to finish, today's sketches (I will have to pretty up this Live Journal page!)

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