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Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy

Daytime work about to pick up at a mad pace again. Nuh!
I said it before: I can't work as fast or as late as I used to.
I also notice I'm sleeping less hours.

Right now, doing a few fixes on Flight pages and getting them ready with text and all, I can feel tiredness settling in.
So glad I asked my colorist for Horus to help. Saved my sanity! Thank you, Saymone!

One little, non spoilery panel excerpt from the Explorer story:

I won't be in Flight 8, but I can't WAIT to have my copy. The last book should be the most gorgeous of them all.

Talking of books, I had mentionned in a previous journal about the first "The Guardians Of Childhood" book will be out soon. This is the series that the movie Rise Of The Guardians is based on.

Gonna go and crash in my bed now. Need sleep badly.
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