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Time flies

Whoa, actual downtime! Using it to ink Explorer pages. Man, the Cintiq has made a total wimp out of me. I actually find it harder here and there to ink traditionally. I still prefer it though.

Two bit of news: the Free Comic Book day story with Zhao was out last weekend. I still cringe that people may think that I stole the plot from Shyamalan (HA! AS IF!), but that comic was done waaaaaaaaayyyyy before "that" movie was out. I remember checking the final color in October 2009, same weekend as my cousin's wedding.
A clear case of coincidence-synchronicity-mind reading.

Kung Fu Panda is out May 26th, right around the corner. I helped on it at the very beginning of the project. I'm glad to say some of my work survived, about a whole 10 seconds of storyboards towards the end of the film. That's something, considering the movie had 2+years to tweak and change from the version I remember.

Been working on and off on this image below for a little while.

This July, it will have been 20 years since my first job in the industry.




A milestone, I guess. May I survive at least another 20? *cross fingers*.
Yes, I'm older than many of you may think, ha ha! And I have a freakin' birthday coming up to remind me. Blagh.

In the image, I've drawn up characters from comics, video games and animated projects I've worked on. I've let out a few (either the characters were too generic or I didn't work on it long enough or the project never saw the light of day).

First person who can name all the projects (not the characters' names, just the projects- believe me, it is easier) gets a drawing. May be a bit of a challenge, as some are really REALLY obscure.

I may post this on DA one day.
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