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So yesterday was Oscar night

I really wish there had been 5 animated movies nominated this year: Despicable Me and Tangled definitely could have made it in. Perhaps even Summer Wars (which I am still trying to see).

Really happy for the crew at Pixar for their win- they certainly deserve it for all their hard work and a very good film.
As a side note, Monsters Inc 2 opens in theater a few weeks before Guardians. Ha ha! Friendly competition! Kind of frightening a bit too- they already have a won audience.
I also believe another chapter of the Twilight saga opens up around the same time. Eurgh.

Random side notes-
Grandma's 90th birthday was last week- Wooo! Sad I couldn't be there.
And yes, it was sleeting-slushing down hard this past Saturday in Burbank. Some people even saw frost on their cars this morning.
It's a SIGN!!!

Off to sleep. I still need rest from the last quasi all nighter from last week.
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