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Back in the grind

Before I ramble on about work, I want to give a shout out to fellow Flight artist Ben Hatke, whose book "Zita The Spacegirl" should be out in the bookstores soon:
A great all ages book: fun adventure, endearing characters and some moments of humour that had me laughing out loud. Recommended as a great gift for young readers, especially if you get to read their copies first! I'll be treasuring mine.

Finally saw "The King's Speech". So great to sit through a movie for the quality of the acting, not the special effect. Wonderful characters, great dialogues. I do love movies based on historical events.
I was also fascinated by the wallpapers in that movie. I couldn't help it!

I also saw a preview trailer for "The Way Back", telling the story of prisoners that escaped the Russian goulags, walking all the way from Siberia, over the Himalayas to India. I had read a condensed version of their escape, and I am looking forward to see it in film.

It's been a week since I've been back at work.

It always happens. Thankfully, my drawing hand has warmed up so this week should be productive.
There is a company update on Wednesday. I am so curious to see what the other teams are up to! Contrary to what some may believe, I know very little of what the other prods look like, apart from a few art pieces up on the walls.

Lastly, from the publisher I love to hate:

I just don't...
50$, for a 126 pages book on a movie that is not even out.

Awwww! How sweet! Zhao would disapprove of the fluff, as he doesn't want to be affiliated with fluffy things or situation, but that was just too sweet! Thank you ever so much, LauraD
(Kenu on DA). I'm touched that Water Tribe still gets some love:

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