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Late to the game

Been away for the holidays, and I actually spent very little time connected to the web. So I wish, a little bit late, each and everyone of you a very good year 2011: health, prosperity, fun projects and loads of inspiration in everything you do. Success too, of course, beyond your wildest dreams!
And may it all last way beyond 2011.

Random is random:
At the crew Christmas party, they printed out a lot of wonderful art for the project. I must have taken half the prints, ha ha! They better all make it into the artbook in 2 years.

If you're ever in Montreal, a good Armenian restaurant: Le Petit Alep.
Saw as many friends and colleagues as I could while in Montreal. Sad to hear how slowly the animation biz is going in the city, but there are projects still happening. Just not as many as in the good old days.

Family is overall doing well, but everyone is getting older. My dad has some memory lapses, slightly worrisome knowing alzheimer runs on his side of the family. My grandpa, who is turning 89 tomorrow, was also feeling rather low for the very first time. He's always been strong and solid. A bit scary. I hugged both my grandparents very hard, as I'm always afraid these could be the last time I see them.

Found myself in an impromptu High School reunion- just girls. As one of them said "At least, now we're all mature!" so catching up with everyone was pleasant. One of them was a bodyguard to a few Quebec politicians.

Slept a whole lot. I'll miss that.
Ate too much, but less than last year.

I find myself having trouble motivating myself continuing Horus. The energy comes and goes. Meanwhile, I just want to draw another fancomic. I've already doodled 40 thumbnail pages.
Got to do the Explorer story: the roughs are done, now to clean it all up and make it pretty (and fix whatever is wonky).

I had one cool Zhao dream! A huge mix of nonsense stuff: Azula giving Sokka's space sword to Zhao, who was fighting werewolves with said space sword and Sokka trying to get his sword back at the same time. Apparently, it was all Azula's trap or something.

Those would be the highlights. Tomorrow, back to regular work schedule. Can't wait to see how the project will evolve over the year.
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