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Another random post

Apologies for being quiet- not responding to messages- living in Limbo.
Apart from work, random stuff that's going on:

Looking forward to see Tron Legacy (just got the soundtrack)
Would love to see The King's Speech, but seems to only be playing in limited release in the US. Boooo! May catch it in Montreal? Maybe?

Got my last Amazon haul of 2010: new Walking Dead graphic novel, Castle Waiting Volume 2, Soul Eater DVDs volume 3 and 4 plus Scott Pilgrim dvd.

Finally the studio announced the Shadow project!
This should be loads of fun- great crew working on it. I'd be willing to assist-inbetween on it! No, not animate: whatever animation muscle I have are too tiny to hold up to the muscles present here at the studio.

Damn you Gabe Hordos and the rest of your awesome animation crew for totally melting my heart for this project! I will blame you if I end up doing a 200 pages fancomic.

On a final note.
This weekend, I'm finally getting a haircut.
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