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A good day.

It was a somewhat good, productive day.
The new scene I was assigned moved very slow, as I try to figure out the right notes to hit.

Reworked some Flight Explorer doodle. I think it's a bit clearer, could still use some works. Quite a few pages of rough left to go.

Listened to Toy Story 3 and Mushi-shi (live action) while working. Tomorrow, may bring Asterix : Mission Cléopatre or Dans Une Galaxie Près de Chez Vous 2 for a bit of french speaking cinema.

All more or less quick doodles.
I need to speed up on colors.

Apologies for all the fanwork. I...I can't help it! I just love playing around with characters that aren't my own (and quite often work related).
How sad is that?
What is it going to be like when I have access to the rest of the cast of that movie?
Or when I'll drink again and DO that Symbionic Titan thing I said I'd do?
Tags: jack frost, work

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