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This small break brought to you by the letter F

Friday- Megamind is opening this weekend. Congrats to all the friends and colleagues that have worked on it!
There was a nice little celebration at work after work hours today. I stopped by to get one (or two) of those little mixed drinks. After the past few weeks, I needed it.

Note: Arluk is playing this game- this track:

Been listening to loads of music to get through work in the past weeks.
Of highlight:
The new Bryan Ferry album Olympia is out! It's oozing of Ferry goodness.

Our head of story reminded me of this great Roxy Music track "If There Is Something". I used to listen to the live version a lot while in college. God I love this track, especially around 8:14. Ah, his voice!!

Also returning to Bowie a lot, old and new stuff- Sweet Things and Panic in Detroit from Diamond Dog, Subtarennean from Low, African Night Flight, Fantastic Voyage and...Nite Flight from Black Tie, White Noise (I love the bass!)

And when I needed an extra boost, a bit of NIN

Time for a bit of sleep before the next onslaught.
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