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More random stuff

I've been quiet since NYCC- my apologies to everyone about that. It was great to be there, even if only for a few days. Huge thanks once again to Alison and E.K Weaver for allowing some bit of space to try and get rid of Zhao (and they had to deal with the rest of the copies I left them, ouch!).
Many thanks also to my perfect hosts, Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier, who are currently touring Caliornia. Check her event calendar and if you're in the area, go say hello!

Despite all the hours working-doodling, I do take breaks to watch some tv. My guilty viewing pleasures are:
Project Runway (I may have no fashion sense, but I love their creativity)
On the road with Austin and Santino (I can't help it: Austin reminds me of Buddy in Kids In The Hall)
Storm Chasers- I do love a good storm. Add a tornado on top? Oh yeah.
For animation, currently following Generator Rex (I have friends working on it) and Symbionic Titan (still intrigued about it). Managing to catch some episodes of Adventure Time and Regular Show here and there.

Waiting for Walking Dead on Oct. 31. WOOT!

Last two random things:
My colleague Mike Lester makes this (not often updated) little webcomic- this one from way back in August completely cracks me up. Love his timing and reveal:

Note to self: listen to more episode of Jam (starts at 0:14)

Now to work all weekend except for special Megamind screening on Sunday morning. Woot again!
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