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No rest

Looks like work will be labour intensive until after American Thanksgiving. Possibly more afterwards too until the holidays. Never underestimate surprises!

And I've got a Flight Explorer story to get through too. Ouch. I may need help with the colours for that one.

I'll probably end up regretting the two days I'll lose this week for NYCC.
Or maybe not. Naaaaah, I won't. I'll end up cherishing the little break.
Looking forward to return to the east coast!

Sad though that I won't be seeing the parents until Christmas.

It really hit me this week.
In a year from now, the movie I'm working on still won't be done. It is supposed to be out November 2012.
2 effin' years.

Korra will be out before that, with a total run time longer than the film!

Jack Frost, you're a lucky bastard that I don't mind drawing you.

Let him rest- who knows how much the story will change until he makes his entrance two years from now.
I should mention that I don't mind redoing-reworking scenes. Not at all! Up till now, it has always been for the better. May it keep going that way.

I'm already slightly worried at the sort of trailer we'll be getting for this project. I know it's silly to think about that right now. But seeing what was done with Megamind, and even Dragon at the beginning (except for the last trailer- they got a good vibe in the last theatrical trailer)...
Bah, I shouldn't stress about that right now. I've got a scene here that needs to be done first.
Let's see how much of it survives until the end. ;)

(I'm hesitating posting this image on DA, even though the project has been officially announced and there's one official image out)
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