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Sat down this weekend in the heatwave.
Must have melted my brains a bit. I got through a wave of nostalgia.
About ten years ago (I'm OOOOOOLD), I started to learn to do storyboards on a serie titled "Adventures in sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World".
Which was annoying to write on the time card, so we simply called it "The Lost World".

Lost World nostalgia
by *rufftoon on deviantART

There's a more complete description of who these characters are on my DA page.

In other news: saw the owl movie this weekend. I can't call it Guardians of Gahoole, as the movie I'm currently working on also has the word Guardians in its title and it gets confusticating.
So the Owl Movie it is.
Until our movie changes title. IF it changes title.
Beautifully made,wonderful animation, great cinematography. Classic hero's tale, so no big surprise there. Darker than your usual animation fare, but I won't complain (some parents might). I felt little attachment to the characters, unfortunately, and there was a tiny something at the very end of the film that made me go "What? Now wait a minute, how did..."
It's something small, but it pulled me out of the movie. Damn it!
I have trouble recommending it. Yes, it is beautiful, but I felt like it needed that little extra "oomph" to really make me like it.
Personal taste and all that.

In other news, it's been officially announced that Guillermo Del Toro is now a consultant at the studio, plus he will write and direct one future film. Though I have no direct interaction with him (HA! AS IF!), his influence will be felt accross the board on many movies.
It will be interesting to see what changes he brings.
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