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Mostly about books

Can't say I've done a lot worth posting a journal about. Can't talk about daytime work much, except to say I've survived one more storyboard check in with the director and head of story.
I'm actually quite happy with it at the moment, but I don't want to go running around celebrating.
Mostly because I know I will find something wrong with it in the coming weeks.
Also because the movie is two years away from release so that scene, if it survives until then, would be a miracle.
Like that one scene I've reworked a few times. I'm feeling another redo in the near future, hopefully for the better.

While I have nothing personal that's worthwhile to post about, there's plenty out there worth a mention:

Amulet 3 is out (Kazu Kibuishi, Jason Caffoe): I swear, the art gets more and more beautiful with each books. The detail in the backgrounds, the richness of the colors. The story follows well established fantasy formulas and makes them work. Enjoyable series of books for all ages.

Koko be Good (Jen Wang): this is the kind of books that makes me jealous. The art is lovely, loose and full of life, with solid page layouts. It's also the kind of story that I can't write: introspective, makes you think about life, touching and amusing.
At least other people are talented enough to do it, and I get the joy of reading them.
(and be jealous, but in a good way, ha ha!)
Read her journal too! She's having a book launch in LA tomorrow, Friday the 24th

This one is not out yet, but I read a few pages of a preview copy:
Zita The Spacegirl (Ben Hatke). I've always found his art charming and I love his humour. I wish a lot of success for this book and can't wait to hold my own copy and read the rest.

What else...

It has been a long time since I've been to New York, so I decided to go to the New York comicon the weekend of October 8-10th. I'll only be attending Friday and Saturday, because I need to return on Sunday. I'll bring a few copies of Water Tribe, but only a limited amount. Sorry, too hard to bring many copies!
ali_wildgoose and gallo_de_pelea have been very very generous in allowing me a little bit of table space with them.
Another HUGE thank you to Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier for letting me crash on their couch. I will do best to make myself as small as possible and not be in your way.

I also just learned that Shyamalan will be at NYCC.
I promise to behave myself.

Oh, and one last thing.

I do love creationists and their arguments. I just could never attend one of their meetings or visit their museums. I think they'd want to break one commandment and lynch me.

I mean...I'm sorry. I've spent too much time watching NatGeo and the Science Channel. I guess if pockets of flat earth believers are still out there, then why not geocentrists?
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