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Travelled all the way up north to be there for my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.
A few surprise relatives showed up, which sort of set a weird tone for the whole weekend. The mood at the house is weird and tense. I think my mom will be relieved when everyone will have left.

My parents do hold on to some of my old stuff that I used to never want thrown out. I'm finally starting to destroy-recycle-sell some old things.

Treasures that I found and that I will keep: old vinyl records. Mostly Bowie; quite a few collectibles like rare recordings, picture discs, special mix.
Geeky moment of the weekend: vinyl soundtrack record of Tron.

Stuff I immediately threw away: first fanfic (must've been around 10-12 years old) I ever wrote, inside a notebook. Eurk! Utter, complete trash! Also threw away some bad bad bad Transformers doodles (circa 1986).
I swear, my eyes are bleeding right now.

After this little trip, looks like I'll be heading for NYCC at the beginning of October. If there are no changes. More infos soon as the plans become more solid.
There will be one other con in October I plan to go to, but just as a visitor: the CTN Expo in Burbank. Quite fun last year.

Apart from that, life will return to its normal rhythm of work work and more work.

Made me think my life is mostly surrounded by my work and certain characters, which sprang up these mental images:

To anyone visiting me: I promise I will throw them out. They are rather invading.
Tags: family, jack frost, old stuff, zhao
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