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Down in Limbo

Apologies for being quiet for so long, got kidnapped by work.

Ever since returning from San Diego Comicon, it's all I've been doing- work work work. No time for movies, no time to send all those prizes for the NoSelfControl contest (need to get to that this weekend).

I am too tired to write a proper report for SDCC, so I'll just sum it up this way- I love this show for the chance to see all the awesome people! It was great hanging out with you all or just saying a quick hello. Gave a warm feeling to the soul.

-Work: the scene I've been working on was 8 pages long. I managed to re-use about 20% old material for it, but it was still a lot of work. To give a comparison: For 8-11 script pages for television, I was given 5-6 weeks. For those 8 pages, I had 2 weeks.

- Geeky: I have completed my collection of the rare Fire series of Avatar toys. There are still collectables out there, so I'll keep hunting. But the Fire Series is all complete.

-Comics: Oh hey! Talking of Avatar, one of the comics I had done for Nickelodeon Magazine saw the Netherlands! I'm trying to get my hands on copies.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but there's a group on Facebook for the unpublished Nickelodeon magazine stories. Think of joining to show your support, or if you're not into Facebook, do spread the word around. More Avatar comics is always fun
(you lucky Europeans are getting all the good stuff).

- Family: Looks like my dad may be going for another heart operation. Faulty heart valve is the problem. We don't know what that would entail yet: minor surgery to fix it, or get a new valve installed (open heart surgery...again).

-Tomorrow and beyond: starting a new scene. I just hope to be able to catch up on some sleep, see Scott Pilgrim this weekend (maybe Inception if time allows), and watch A Town Called Panic on DVD.

- Reading: What If The Earth Had Two Moons and the new collected Walking Dead.
Looking for good fiction reads, open to suggestions.
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