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Change at work + SDCC

The madness that is the San Diego comicon is only a few days away.

I'm not going to lie: though it is the best of time to meet up with so many incredible artists, people I adore and only get to see once a year, it is also exhausting.
I dread going to any panels, as that may mean waiting in line for hours hoping to get in. Yes, I'm looking at you Walking Dead presentation!! (the one for the upcoming tv series this Autumn).

Once again, some awesome people will be on the exhibition floor:
Bill Presing at 4800
Bobbi Rubio at 1943
Ray Friesen at 2304
The 4DE group at 2203, with Alexds1 (The Meek), Tessa Stone (Hanna's not a boy's name!) and Traci J.Butler (Lackadaisy Cats)
Comic Bakery at L-06 (small press area). Go say hi to Dave Roman and give him praise for his good work with the Zuko prequel story.

And of course Flight, at 2235. We'll have great guests at the table this year: KTshy from Shrub Monkey and the great Simply Potterific comics, Raina Telgemeier and her great book Smile, Jake Parker and Missile Mouse and a few more!

Also, don't forget that Mike DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Joaquim Dos Santos and Ryu will be there to sign the "Avatar, Art of the Animated Series" art book this weekend at the Nickelodeon booth, and also the Dark Horse booth (I'm not certain of the date and time).

I know I'm missing a lot of people.

Before I forget. I've made a technological leap forward: I have a cellphone!
I've had enough of causing trouble with people trying to reach me during certain events.
It is nothing much: just a simple model, doesn't even take pictures, with minutes that I buy. There is no plans attached.
Simple, no strings attached, perfect since I will barely use it during my day to day activities.
But at least, during SDCC, if people try to reach me, it will be easier.

The past few weeks were hard, especially the past one. Big huge deadline for an animatic screening meant lots and lots of work. No time for nothing else but work. So exhausted Friday night that I fell asleep at 9:30pm and was conked out for a full 11 hours or so.

On monday, I'll be starting on a new project. Yeah, we get shifted around a lot.

So long Madagascar 3! You had a cast that was fun to draw.

I can't say much about the new project, as very little has been announced about it. I just hope I can help make it good...I hope it becomes great, it has wonderful potential.
It BETTER be good!
I've had to sacrifice a lot for it.
A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I gotta make it so I don't regret any decisions I've had to make.

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