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In which I approve of Mandvi as Zhao...

... at least in this interview.

I think he has perfectly captured the mind of the character, ha ha!

DAN: Back to The Last Airbender. With Jackson Rathbone in the film, you are now officially one degree removed from the Twilight phenomenon — to say nothing of the fact that Airbender is opening just two days after Eclipse, putting the two films in competition for the July 4th weekend. So who wins in a smackdown between Commander Zhao and Edward Cullen?

AASIF: Edward Cullen is the main guy? Robert Pattinson?

DAN: He’s the main guy, yeah.

AASIF: Dude, come on. Zhao would just kill that guy. Pattinson would be like, “Oooh, I’m a vampire. I’m gonna come at you and suck your blood!” And Zhao would be like, “You’re now burned to a smithereen. I just threw fire at you and now you’re just a big mass of crumbly soot.” (laughs) There’s no contest! You can’t fight a firebender! I mean, the only way that Robert Pattinson could win is to flirt with him to the point where Zhao was like, “He’s so cute, I don’t wanna kill him. I kinda want to snuggle with him.”

DAN: (laughs) “For the good of the Fire Nation I must snuggle with this vampire.”

AASIF: Then that way, he’d survive. Because otherwise, Zhao would just burn him from the inside out. And then roast ‘im!

Read the whole interview here:

(Edit: I'll have to doodle something when I have the time, ha ha!)
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