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Random is random

Just back from a short vacation, visiting home.
Been in the big city so long, seeing big, wide, green open spaces felt good.

One week away, and I forget how to work properly. Today was fail drawings until the last few hours. Blah!

Should be attending part of Anime Expo in LA at the beginning of July. No table, but there will be an Avatar related panel. Can't confirm the time and date yet, there may be changes. Plus, I'm not sure who all the guests will be, so stay tuned.

Got some of the Last Airbender toys. Couldn't help it: Zuko and Blue Spirit. They are wimpy and tiny compared to the original animated series one. I think my Ozai and Zhao will give a good trashing to those two.

Did I mention before I was a fan of the comic book series "The Walking Dead"? Even though I am a total wimp when it comes to zombie movies (only saw "Shaun of the dead"), I am thrilled to know there will be a television series this autumn on AMC. *squeee!*
If it's as good as the books, this could be my LOST filler.
I know I will have nightmares.

Have a random Zhao comic.
Toothless 1, Zhao 0 (until he gets his revenge...somehow).

And a stupid seal for Foxy:
Stupid Seal
Tags: avatar, random, zhao
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