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Too much work!

Since last week, no time for personal doodles.
Not even one little crappy Zhao. I have to cram through a scene that should be close to 600 panels for the beginning of next week (I'll give the final number when I am done).
Not complaining, it is a fun scene. Just sooo many panels!!

So, while I can't draw, I can do a large Last Airbender movie image dump:

Before getting to Zhao, let's look at a few other pics:

Last Airbender
Aang, standing in the Avatar statue room. Little detail: every statue holds the symbol of their original nation. I wonder if we could have guessed just from their costume.

Kyoshi warriors, and an explanation of their roles in the film. Does that mean we only get quick glances of Suki?
Last Airbender

Guess Aang has his own security service.

Blue Spirit mask.
Last Airbender
Can you say tiny eye holes?

Ozai, having a nice stroll through a field...
Last Airbender
...moments before he orders it to be burnt.

Next one...does that mean Agni Kai?
Last Airbender
But most important: TEA!!!!

And now...ZHAO!

Last Airbender

Details note: notice different helmet for fire nation soldiers, one of them (image left) closed in an adaptation of the skull helmet of the animation.
Zhao...are you wearing a ring or is that a big bug on your hand? And where are your SIDEBURNS??!
(it's okay, I pretty much gave up on those a long time ago. You wimpy sideburn man, you deserve to be crushed by a big wave).

Ah well.
Let's have a nice, clear look at Zhao's fleet- harbour.
Fire Nation navy yard

And for Water Tribe Zhao, some shots of the Northern Water Tribe, to make him "home sick":
Northern Water Tribe02
Northern Water Tribe03
Northern Water Tribe01

(not that he cares much: this is live action film, not animation or silly fancomic world)

Two last notes:
The Zuko prequel manga, written by Alison Wilgus and Dave Roman, illustrated by Nina Matsumoto, is out next week.
Last Airbender

Oh hey! How about some more preview pages from the Zuko prequel? These from the MTV site and different from the free comic preview:

Last, but not least, possibly the best recent dealing with an art thief:
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