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Can't post what I'm working on. Damn! But...they're so much fun to draaaaaaaawwwww!!
That doesn't mean I don't need to take breaks now and then, to try and think how to make the sequences work.

One Zhao crept in this week. Yes, he's retired but he's got hobbies:

He'll start an Agni Kai for whatever reasons. Here, he may have judged that this young soldier's sideburns were too wimpy.
I blame Alexds for posting about sideburns.

I've also been toying with the idea of doing a short HTTYD comic- one that takes place during the time that Stoick's fleet sail to Dragon island and sets up for the assault.
Quite some time passes for all that to happen, enough for the kids to do some actual dragon training in the meantime, but still very very little time.
They'll have to rush and use every trick.
Here's a WIP of page one. I doubt I'll bring it any further, except eventually add dialogues.

(the dialogue in the last panel two panel is Hiccup telling the others that in order for these dragons to just do the basics, to carry them around, they will have to be patient and gentle with them...the other kids don't react too well at the "gentle" part).

I won't go into too much detail, just in case I managed to actually do more pages on this. May or may not, depends on work as usual.

Right, break is over. Time to return to work.

P.S.- Got the Zuko prequel preview. Nina's work is so nice! I never doubted the book was in good hands, my only problem with it now is having to WAIT for the book to be out.
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