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Dumping Zhao

...or would that be a Huge Zhao Dump?
No, that just sounds wrong. Very wrong.

This is it. I've finished throwing down ideas for Water Tribe.
Am I happy with it? I'm never happy with what I write, it could always be better. At least, it's out of my system. If I could, I'd go back and redraw\rewrite almost everything.
But I don't have the time to make it better, gotta move on.

Since it's been a long time, here's a short resume of what happened before:

After escaping a Fire Nation prison, a fugitive Zhao learns that he is linked to the Ocean and Moon spirits. If he doesn't bring them to a new hiding place, he could die from the psychical pressure of their presence.
In his roaming, he runs into Nauja's children. They don't travel together at first, but their paths keep converging.
After various adventures, they run into Azula who is still slightly insane and looking for spirits, so she can also learn how to defeat the Avatar or learn how to take away her opponent's bending (perhaps learn how to restore her father's power?).

I'll be posting a few pages for reminders, but first!
As I was making it up as I went along, I started realising a few things would work better with some changes that would have needed to have been made earlier on.
A bit too late for that, but if you read on you'll notice I comment about those changes.

Here's about where we were last time, months ago...

So there you go. Not quite a perfect ending.
Come on, it's Zhao. He can be making a few steps in the right direction, but he also stayed back and you can bet he's going to screw up and make more trouble in the world.
Still lacks some big finale...

One of the books that inspired me into finishing this was Pluto, by Urasawa (based on Tezuka's work). I don't know what it was, it just trigerred something in my head. I think some of its more melodramatic influence corrupted me a bit, ha ha!

I think there was something else I needed to say, but I forgot.
So there we go. You can expect a lot less Zhao from now on. He'll make some appearances because of the live action movie, you can be sure.
He's pretty much invaded my LJ: I have over 700 tags for him in my scrapbook!
If you want to re-read all the notes again from this portion, the gallery is here:

Oh yeah, one last thing.
I may have said it before, but I...just can't make Zhao and Nauja work together, ha ha! Nope, I fail at making lovey story. Can't do it. These two are incompatible.
I did try one evening, and that's all that came up.

That's as good a place as any to stop.
Thank you for reading all this insane musing of a what if story.
I may one day destroy it all from sheer horror. Give me a few years.
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