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What a week.

Beginning of the week: woke up about one minute before the 4:04am earthquake. No, I don't have an inner earthquake detector, I do wake up many times during the night. The timing was just perfect.

Lots of work, no break in sight before May. Getting ready to work every weekends until then.

Trying to get a hotel for San Diego Comicon. Urgh, what a pain! One had to give Travel Planners (the one organising hotel reservations for the con) a choice of twelve hotels based on a list, with your prefered choice first.
Then you wait.
I was supposed to get news later the same day. We're now Sunday (3 days later) and still no news. Nothing. Silence.
It's a good thing Kazu seemed to have managed to fix things up. We'll know more on Monday.
But for hundreds of regular con-goers, how the HECK are they going to get in? What's going on? It does feel like there is less and less place for just the regular public who would be curious to go see the con for fun. Especially with passes and tickets sold out a year in advance.
There will have to be changes, or this will become a big show like E3: an insider fare, almost nothing for the public.

Did I mention Flight 7 coming out this summer? I still don't have a story in it, but oooooh! So many good people participated! I'll have to do a journal entry with some previews.

On a fun note: Horus 1 (the french version) is a finalist for a Bedelys prize. It is a Quebec based comic award, and I am terribly flattered to be in such grand company as other author from Quebec.
In another category, Kazu Kibuishi is also up for a special Youth Bedelys for the french version of his book "Amulet". Go Kazu! Though I also do love "Les Nombrils". Augh!

We had our crew screening for How To Train Your Dragon this past Saturday.
This was the first time I was seeing the whole thing finished. To see what made the cut, the changes, the look.
I was not disappoint ;)

Gerard Butler coming by to say hello to the crew. What a nice gesture! I couldn't help but giggle (sorry!) when he mentionned how his other film "bounty hunter" has dismal percentage on Rotten Tomatoes, while Dragon has a nice big score. He covers the whole spectrum!

As for the movie itself:
some people will complain that the story is nothing original, that it is all themes that have been done and redone. Considering we had barely more than a year to do the film, I have to say they have managed to tell the story well. In the end, even with common themes, it is what counts.
Personal taste highlights: I like the silent moments. How the story managed to be told without the need for dialogues during many scenes. Yaaaaaaaaay! Let the images sell the story!

I'm not a big fan of 3D, what with wearing glasses over glasses, but I must admit it actually works very well for this one.
Or I could be biased.

The lighting.
Oh gods, the lighting. I could rant and rave about the lighting. Lighting team, if you are reading this, wow.

Musical score: so many war pipes! *squee!* Excellent work from the composer.

My one nitpick: it is too short. If some scenes are very well paced, others feel rushed. I know we had a time limit, and so much material was edited to fit within that time limit.
Damn you time limit. I hate you.

HTTYD sketches
by *rufftoon on deviantART

Last fun thing: at the end of the evening, the studio offered us a little gift. A moleskin sketchbook based on the one Hiccup has in the film.
*fangirl squee!*
Ooh, what will I put in it? I want to have other people's drawings in it, ha ha!
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