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An old foe rears its ugly head

Some of you may remember a post from last summer, about a publisher that copy-pastes articles from Wikipedia and sells them as books (quite possibly print on demand).

Said group was called Alphascript Publishing, belonging to VDM Publishing.
I had gotten this book, returned it, got a refund, and started warning people against them:

They're back again, under a NEW NAME!
They are now....



Extra points lost for lack of originality.

With new editors (copy pasters, possibly false names), over 10 000 titles of copy-pasted articles straight from FREE Wikipedia.

The only change: they now advertise that these are from "High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!"

High quality content...*COUGH!!*

Quality content that can be edited by anyone and everyone, plus so called "editors" that do no fact checking to see if the related quality content is actually relevant to the book topic.
For example:

What does Locksmithing has to do with SARGON II?!?
Someone give me a FACTUAL and HISTORICAL link to Sargon II and locksmithing and I'll draw you a naked Zhao.
(EDIT! Someone found it, so I get my excuse for drawing naked Zhao)

Time to go and kick their butts again.

A big thank you to spleef ( ) on DA for the heads up.

Also, via gallo_de_pelea, this interesting case of a book that is so close in many ways to another work, it is on the fringe of plagiarism.
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