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The end is nigh! Near! Whatever.

Things are moving along at a steady pace. Just handed in my last section of storyboards yesterday. *snif*
You may find it strange, but I am actually WISHING they will cut some of my section away, just so the story flows better. Crossing my finger.

Am now moving to "helping mode": other sections of boards need to be finished, and we're all pitching in to help for that. Once that is done...well...I guess I'll be going home.
*sigh again*

Also working on that second Avatar project. I should be able to make some headway this weekend. Have to. Just slightly worried I will lose a few days because of the move back. Dang! 

Finishing this day with more Water Tribe stuff:

This is the last page of Zhao in the Water Tribe...but not the end of the story. Moving on to stage two: Fire Nation!
But, before that, little flashback.
Inspired by stories of my dad, when he went on hunting trips with his friends, and how they would pass their evenings when the camp had no electricity. The good old days.
And also, a big huge thanks to Isaia- Aviaq, for her always inspiring work.
Thanks also for giving me the permission to sort of go and include part of her nice Avatar world and characters. The occasion was just too perfect.
For Toji and Rei, her two OCs...if you want to know more, you can read a bit about them here:


Because we all know, that Zhao, deep down, wants to be in the history books more than anything...

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