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Comparing trailers

Now for something a bit different.

I had mentioned in the previous post about how trailers can be deceiving. They'll focus on some aspects of the movie, just to sell it to the audience. It may not reflect at all the core content of the story.

For example:
How To Train Your Dragon for US television audience:

Now compare it with the Japanese version:

I prefer to link directly to the site, it has less pop up adds than on YouTube.

Doesn't quite feel like the same film, right?
The magic of picking the scenes and also the music!

Someone pointed out to me this funny bit written by one of the extra on the Last Airbender movie:
"I've got a couple stories about the cast. For example, we were shooting one scene for days with Aasif Mandvi as Zhao giving a speech. He would keep ****ing up his lines, and cursing when he'd forget them. Whenever Noah Ringer (the main protagonist's actor)'s mom would hear him cursing, you could see her wincing at the fact that her 11 year old boy was hearing such foul language.
Also, from then on, we would always make fun of Aasif by mimicking that grandoise speech style whenever he was around."


(I hope this extra won't get into legal troubles for talking so much about the behind the scenes of the movie! He better be careful...)
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