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Got some work to do but just feel like cuddling up under blankets and sleeping.
It's almost 3pm too. Huge procrastination strike!

A stunt double in the Last Airbender movie posted a tiiiiiny pic of himself in costume.
EDIT: THIS IS NOT ZHAO'S DESIGN! - it's just that since the stunt double was in another photograph with Aasif Mandvi, one could possibly assume he was his stunt double. Good thing I mentionned previously this was unconfirmed and should be taken with a huge grain of salt...hmmm...salty.
Still, all fire nation hair related observation still holds.

Last Airbender
He seems to have braids.
Now, compared to Shaun Toub (Iroh) who has dreads, one starts to wonder if hairbending is part of the Fire Nation ranking system.
Last Airbender

Or maybe there's a rastafarian movement in the fire nation nobility. Ooooh, let's all wonder what hairstyle Ozai will sport!

Ok, enough silly rambling. Time for work.
Beside, with a bit of luck, we'll see more pics next weekend (Sunday, Feb7th) with the Last Airbender Super Bowl add, plus the official trailer coming out the week after.
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