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1: I need to answer my friend's most recent email.
2: Listening to "Hoarders" actually scares me into stopping to accumulate stuff and keep the place clean...somewhat.
3: Got a new Tezuka book (Swallowing The Earth- not read yet) and Pluto#7 by Urasawa. AklfGHAkH! So good! Just on the verge of too melodramatic, but what the heck. It is oh so very good, and it is fun to compare with the original Astro Boy story that inspired it.
4: I want my new Walking Dead graphic novel! It is late!
5: While Trying to save bookshelf space (DVD takes less space than a whole book serie), I went and got the first DVD boxset of the anime "Monster"- ah so good too! I also got the DVD of "Moon" by Duncan Jones. Nice, refreshing sci-fi flick.
6: There are other things that I'm forgetting about. Again.

Nothing much new. One is a request that was due more than a year ago. The person asked for Zuko with a kitty.
The other is just me having fun with some Water Tribe pages, cleaning them up and with a poor attempt at coloring. Ha ha, I am so out of practice I could cry.

by *rufftoon on deviantART

Water Tribe color test 1
by *rufftoon on deviantART

Warming up to get back on Horus. Soon, very very soon! I'm trying to work out a few story clunky bits.
I'm also on the verge of maybe, just maybe figuring out a Flight story. Not for volume 7, but the next one. It needs to be approved first, of course.
Could I finally be extirpating myself from lazy no art mood? Hope so.
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