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Brain Dead

Where are my manners?
Happy New Year to everyone. Best wishes, health, prosperity and all good things. May you be inspired in all your endeavours and reach your goals successfully.

I don't know why, I just seem to keep away from internet or lack the energy to post.
Maybe because I have nothing interesting to share. I could post more movie trailers, but meh. I'll do it for Last Airbender, ha ha! I want to see Zhao!

On a different note, my 88 years old grandma fought off pneumonia. She's a bit weak, but way way better and out of the hospital. Yay!!!
We went to visit her everyday during the holidays, while she was in her hospital room.
I hope she's with us for much much longer.
It just made me realise, with some sadness, how far away I am from my family and how I can't be close to them and offer support in times of crisis.

I need sleep. Been up since 3am. Travelling with the new safety measures in the airports is a pain.
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