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Me mum

My mother very much inherited a trait from the other women in her family: she rarely complains about health trouble, or mentions them.
Like her grandmother. The first time she complained she wasn't feeling well, everybody knew instantly that something must be horribly wrong.

I just learned today that on June 18th, my mom's getting an operation to get her uterus removed. 
She had had some minor growth taken out from it in the past, none of them showing trace of cancers. Ouf! 
But what is happening now, the doctors can't tell even after many exams (geez mom, you didn't really tell me about those either). So they are taking no chances, and removing the whole thing and then send it to a lab for testing.
She should be out of hospital within 2-3 days.
You can bet I will be calling every friggin day to know how she is.
With that bit of news, I didn't get as much work done as I wanted. Again. Hard to concentrate a bit.

So more Water Tribe pages came out- they flow out more easily than work, being more loose.
Funny, I just realised suddenly how much the water tribe keeping secrets from Zhao kinda reflects this new situation in my family. Hmmm...
Reality catches up on fiction way too fast there.

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