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Post APE

Had a great time in San Francisco last weekend: beautiful weather made a walk in Golden Gate Park just perfect, Tut exhibit was very nice with loads of objects from that period, not just from his tomb. I still had just enough memory of my hieroglyph classes to be able to recognise a few signs and read the cartouches of the kings- yay!

The hotel was cheap- clean enough yes, but that advertisement on their site saying renovated in 2008 is false. Unless I got that one room that wasn't renovated, ha ha!
Old wallpaper wanting to peel where it was glued, bathroom door that didn't close, iron imprint on bed cover (not burnt, just imprint...that made me laugh), tv with only 5 channels. Ah well, I only stayed there to sleep, not to have an awesome unforgettable time. It served its purpose (could have been even cheaper, but that's SF for you).

The show itself was great. Mood way better than last year, possibly due in part to good weather. Saw a few people had sold out of books on Sunday.
So many great people were there, but my first thanks has to go to alexds1, armadaryu, jacks_piranhas and derflughafen for letting invade their table space. You guys are AWESOME!!

I'm trying to make my brain work on Horus, but Zhao keeps dragging me away.
After seeing so many cool stuff at APE, I want to make a Water Tribe shirt! (no!! Will not do! Bad brain, stop thinking about it!!)
I need discipline; must do Horus, not more Water Tribe.

What can I say, I miss Avatar.
I'm tempted to make a Facebook page dedicated to Avatar fancomics: the good, the bad, the ugly, the amateur, everything!! Most of what I find is on DA, but there must be more material out there in far away places.
Like Lithuania.
Or Vatican city.
Sorry, I just had a mental image of a cardinal doodling little Avatar comics.

Gotta get back to work.
Know what's funny? I'm returning to San Francisco's area on Thursday. This time, work related: we're going to PDI in Redwood city. Meet the team, work there for a day, do more work related stuff in the evening.

Hmmm. This post is filled with words and once again lacking drawings. Must remedy that in next posts.
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