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Friday, Oct. 09

Cousin's wedding a few hours away. Current weather cold and wet, compared to yesterday's hot and humid. We'll see how that develops for this evening. I wish for a bit of sun, at least!
Never heard so many crickets (or grasshoppers?) last evening. Super loud too! It was great!

Avatar,Last Airbender movie

From a recent (short) interview given to MTV.
No glorious sideburns, but they are there. Sort of acknowledged sideburns. Mini burns.
I'm curious to see him in character, with full costume on. I think he can pull off the egotistical- full of himself side of Zhao.
He'll also probably be even more funny. I'm really really curious to see what he'll bring to the character.
I'm still wishing for him to do something with Jon Steward, in full Zhao costume, ha ha!

Yes, there may be movie grumbling in the comments- I say go ahead. Your views are appreciated. Just don't start a race bending conflict (though you guys have been awesome so far, yay!). I am not good enough to play peace agent. Go to to be proactive about your views, it will be more productive.
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