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Montreal! <3

Walking around Montreal today, I never realised how much I missed the place!!
How Jean Talon farmer's market is so awesome, I want to buy half of the food there.


Signing tonight went well, saw many familiar faces. Thank you all for coming.

Excuse me while I totally geek out.
way back in the late '70's, there was a cute tv serie called "Vickie le Viking", or "Vic the Viking" or...well, whatever other version of the title out there.

I just found out the Germans did a live action version. Though you can't tell if you've never seen the serie, and can't really say from the intro either, but they took actors that look A LOT like the cartoons!
What a great adaptation!

See, Last airbender? It can be done!
(there are new images just out from Entertainement Weekly, where we see Shaun Toub as Iroh. I will post a link to it the moment someone has scanned a decent image)
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