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Montreal, Horus signing

First off, apologies to everyone I haven't replied to yet. It's been extremely busy here, as I try to finish a ten page comics before heading off to Montreal. I will get back to you as soon as I can!!

Time to celebrate the french edition release of Horus!
I'm glad to announce that I'll be doing signings, along with colorist Saymone Phanekam, on these two days:

Friday, Oct. 2nd at Librairie Fichtre, 436 de Bienville, from 7pm to 9pm

Saturday, Oct. 3rd at Librairie Planete BD, 3883 St-Denis, from 2pm to 4pm

Two days back to back- hopefully people will be able to attend one or the other.

Looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone! Montreal folks, spread the word! It would be fun to meet up with old colleagues from animation and video games studios.
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