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Realised I haven't been posting in a while.
Been busy with the apartment, plus I'm working on something which I can't show right now.
Later next week, I'll be in Montreal. Visiting family and friends, but also hopefully promoting the french edition of Horus.
Still waiting for confirmation on what will be done, but possible signing sessions with my colorist, Saymone Phanekam. I'll give a heads up once I've got official news to share.
Then I'm off to Dallas to go to my cousin's wedding.
Is it bad I'm really looking forward to go to the winery inside Dallas airport again?


The german edition of Nick Magazine has an Avatar special issue.
Anyone in Germany can get me a copy when it hits the stands? I will pay you back, of course!

Take the time to read the entry, as yaytime
gives a bit more information on what's happening with the Avatar comics.

I don't know if it's officially released yet, or even in front of what movie it is playing, but the movie I've been working on these past few months have made a teaser trailer.
Like all teasers, it doesn't show much. I'm curious to see what they'll do with an official trailer!

I can't stop watching-listening to this little series of russian shorts. It's stuck in my head! My two favorites:

Note: embedding doesn't work, may be related to that LJ announcement earlier today.
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