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Secret tunnel? No, SECRET ROOM!

Last week, I saw the studio's "secret room".
Well, not so secret that the executives don't know about it, but a secret secret secret room nonetheless!
Hidden. Invisible. You could walk past its entrance and never guess it was there.
Next time, I'll have to go and take picture of the inside- it looks like a pirate's den!
I love secret rooms! I've had many many dreams in my childhood about secret rooms and secret passages.
Yes, I am totally geeking out about the secret room.
(I need a secret tunnel icon. Must do one when I have the time)

I saw some awesome drawing blogs today. The kind that makes me look at my own drawings and make me want to delete everything I've ever drawn. Gah!
Instead, I'll just keep kicking myself in the backside and keep drawing.
I needed to take a break today from work or go insane. Did some doodles instead.
None of these characters are mine.
A bit sad, really.
Then again, that's what most of my career has been: drawing other people's creations. Not complaining, it's a fun ride. It's still drawing for myself, so it's good.
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