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2:32 AM

The neighbours in the alley are blasting music.
Someone in the building is slamming doors strongly enough to make the floor and walls shake.
Went to see Surf's Up with Phil. We both agreed the water fx and environments were fantastic- bravo to the crew who worked on that.
I wish I cared more about the characters...what is wrong with me, am I getting too old for this?
There was an art street fare on San Fernando street, which I browsed through quickly on my way to work.

Can't say I have managed to accomplish much work today though, but there's always tomorrow to make some more progress.

In the meantime, vented some drawing frustration on more Water Tribe AU rough pencil pages.
It's therapy I tell ya! which Arnook decides that if Zhao is to be a true member of the tribe, then he should know what everyone else knows.

Tags: surf's up, zhao
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