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Where was I...

Remember last post, two weeks ago, when I mentioned round two of a cold?
Cold won.
Had to go see a doctor, get some antibiotics to kick that nasty thing out of me.
I'm pretty much out of it now. Still coughing a bit, mostly due to the poor air quality caused by all the fires around here.

There are apartment news that are very slowly developing. More on that another time.

Energy level extremely low. Might be the heat. Or whatever that cold leeched out of me. Can't quite seem to whip up the strength to draw fun stuff for myself like I used to. Still, I managed to do some before I need to concentrate on serious work.

Threw these pages-ideas down together over the past...well, since last time I posted WT stuff.
Warning: fail dialogs. Just there to get the ideas across, nothing more.

I'm still having fun with the ideas, I'm just doubting it would make a good story in the end. Ah well, I'm doing this for fun only, so nah. No need to be serious (that's just the part of me that wants to nitpick and destroy what I do that's rearing up its ugly head again).
That's what happens when you're surrounded by awesome story people all the time, who all have awesome ideas. You look at your stuff and go "meh". Hey, I ain't complaining! It forces me to try and think better about story.
Since this is the equivalent of a rough first draft, no wonder it's wobbly everywhere.

Reposting the previous pages, just as a reminder. It's been a while.

Mountain Spirits stuff continuing.

Tags: water tribe, work, zhao
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