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Evil? Yes, definitely.

Slowly recuperating from a round two cold attack.
I need to get some work done.
I need to draw some moar Zhao!
I need to do many many things.
I'll procrastinate first.

Found via
The pictures below were taken by "LB". Here's the link to her Flickr Gallery containing pictures taken around Philadelphia. The ones of main interest here are the ones taken around Girard College, as it still wore the set dressing for a shooting for The Last Airbender.

I feel awkward about posting pictures from a personal gallery...well, public in a way, since you can have access to it if you want.
I just couldn't resist the urge to share.

Once again, all pictures taken by "LB" (with a bit of research, I pretty much know her full name but I don't know if she would want to have the full name posted everywhere).
All credit goes to her.
I'm just evil and reposting the ones of interest to us silly Avatar fans.

Unnasuming, seen from a distance and from the back
Last Airbender movie

But under the right angle...
Last Airbender movie

Depending how high they shoot, you may not even see the doric collumns. Sneaky!
Last Airbender movie

An unlit brazier?
Last Airbender movie

For some reasons, it's the little details that make me smile
Last Airbender movie
Last Airbender movie

Fire Nation Knob!
Last Airbender movie
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