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I bring proof!

Really tired these days. I have drawn stuff, but it's all work related so I can't post anything.
Zhao is feeling ignored.

Just got handed part of a scene that I will have to do this weekend since they want it for Monday- lunch time.

I have made the two donations from the Water Tribe books fund raising. I'm posting the E-Receipts as proof publicly, as I said I would.
ICM is the Montreal Heart Institute. They took really good care of my dad when he needed to be operated, plus they do really great research.

Once again, big thank you to everyone who donated money to these two good causes. All together, this is more than I could have done by myself alone.
Next time, I'll try different charities. Gotta spread the help!
I just have to decide which con to go to. Anyone has a bit of table space at APE? Part of the donations would go to you.
Alison, what is the next con you may be planning to attend? We could join forces, mwahaha!!

I wish I had drawings to post.
ICM Receipt
BCR Receipt

On Last Airbender movie news, there are bits of infos trickling through the cracks, like dropping the chinese calligraphy for nonsense symbols, that makes me shake my head.
I just hopehopeHOPE Nickelodeon-Viacom Doesn't forget about the animated serie, pushing it aside as they put a lot of energy in the live action.
The fanbase is there with the serie! Please don't forget us!!!!
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