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More rambling

Update on the apartment: good thing I double triple checked, any move happening should be at the end of the month (unless something happens, which could happen).

My friend Shadi created a new IPhone game app called "BackWords". He's finished testing it and it's out, woooo!
Had played BackWords with friends before at its testing stage and it is definitely a fun group game. If you can plug in your IPhone to speakers, even better!
He had also created Last Cannon, which I may have mentionned before.
Makes me want to have an IPhone (heck, I'm still lacking a cell phone, period).

The director of the film, Duncan Jones, is doing a Q&A at the Arclight this week!
Aug. 6 - Q&As after the 4:25 and 7:05 shows, intros the 9:55 show
This Saturday, Aug. 8 - Q&A after the 7:20 show, intros the 10:05 show

Apart from that, work progressing as it should. Never as quick as I want but still progressing.
Dave, this is for you. More later.
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