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Some rambling.

I need to double triple check with my roommate Phil, but he may be moving out on August 15th.
I just want a confirmation, as I need to plan my own moving in: all the furniture in here are his, so I need to replace everything (replaced things so far: shower curtains, a small trashcans, some cutlery).
I also want this to go smoothly, so we don't bump moving big furniture at the same time.
Haven't bought anything big yet.
Looks like I'll have to have everything delivered.
Plus, it would be nice to have the carpets cleaned. They could use a bit of professional help.

I just hope the paperwork is done: my name is supposed to have been added to the lease. I will have to bug the building manager and ask for a copy. He tends to move slowly on everything.

Took the time to go see HP6 last night- it was a fun film, some nice shots and a few smile worthy moments, but also had flaws. I couldn't possibly recommend the movie to someone that hasn't read the book. It would be too confusing.

Whatever drawing work I did this weekend was crap. Blah! It's like I can't layout a comic page or think of a good angle for a storyboard scene.

On a good note, had this awesome dream last night: saw the whole of The Last Airbender live action film. Everything had changed, ha ha! Toph was in it, Iroh was nice and round and wearing his White Lotus outfit. It wasn't an adaptation but a whole new story.

The live action film is like a fanfiction with a huge budget.
That's how I've decided to approach the whole thing.

Like some fans that added new bendings powers, or even blonde haired characters. Eh, they can do whatever they want, it's fanfics!

Another part of the dream later on had me promoting Water Tribe, except I had the rights to sell it, and I was planning on hiring people to do more Avatar comics based on the serie.
Lots of nervousness due to costs.

Actually made me curious to know how much it would cost to buy a license to make and sell Avatar comics.
You know.
Out of pure curiosity.

I feel cheap when I'm not posting any pics in a journal.
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