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Slightly more awake now

Brains are almost back to normal.
Got back from comicon yesterday afternoon, went straight back to work. Good thing too, we were launched on more corrections that needed to be done for the morning, next day.
It was so hard to stay awake and try to finish it all! Was suffering from post-con exhaustion.

I've mentionned the Last Airbender movie manga adaptation in the last post. Though I am extremely glad that both Dave Roman and Alison Wilgus are on board, I am slightly apprehensive of one thing. I quickly talked with the editor of the books at the Del Rey booth in San Diego. He said that they *could* consider making more Avatar manga if, and only if, the two book adaptations do well.
In my head I kept thinking: "But it is the original serie that is more recognised and beloved! You'd have more chance of success selling those! Heck, promise to tell Iroh's story in the spirit world and you'll have a winner right there!"
You'd think there would be less risk and more chance of success that way, right? Businessmen would love that model. Less risk, more success. You know, the good formula?

*shakes head*
Why oh why are Nick and Viacom avoiding the wonderful possibility of making more money with the basic franchise?
I don't know.
I'll never understand corporate executives.
I just want more Avatar comics.
Did I mention that I basically sold out of Water Tribe books at SDCC? That's correct!
If I was keeping all the money for myself, in just one show I would have almost repaid completely the printing cost.
Zhao would be happy to know he's popular enough to be able to sell books, ha ha!

I now present you...

YES! I got my greedy hands on the OZAI TOY!
It is just the prototype, unpainted and all so looking mighty pale.
I don't care.
It is shirtless Ozai.

Ozai Toy 02
Ozai toy 06

I think Zhao is slightly jealous. He can't show off his assets as well.

Toy Zuko, trying to sneak away in disguise.
Ozai toy 07



Zhao, trying to get the attention back on himself.

There could be worse things than Agni Kai.
Tags: last airbender, sdcc 2009, toys
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