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Work, Work, Work, Avatar, Work, Work, Movie, Work...

Looks like I'll be busy until the very very end of the month: Will be helping on the project until the very last workday of June. To make sure everything is done in time, weekends will be pretty much a write off 'til then.
Ah well, good thing I like my job.

Still, I'm taking the time for a few things: went to see Paprika this week- another excellent movie by Satoshi Kon, with one slight hiccup for me: the theme, the way it played out, was too similar to his serie Paranoia Agent. Hope that doesn't mean he will start repeating himself! Still, beautifully done, excellent music, and a story well told. Nice to see some animation not done only for a kid audience.

So says the girl who's going to go see Surf's Up before going to work. Hmf! We'll see how that one goes. 

In the meantime- More Water Tribe stuff! Wasn't always easy to think of a way to make a cliff fight work- hope it's not too bad.


Not showing the whole trip back, it would slow down the story too much (hurray for self editing!)
But you can bet Zhao ate the whole darn thing! No matter how bad it might have tasted. If he can eat old bait...


Did I mention I don't like drawing crowds much? Darn it, stupid way the story goes demands it though. Gah!

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