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Something to amuse me

In between two storyboard panels, I found out Zhao has a Twitter account.
Okay, so it's Aasif Mandvi's account, with a few Zhao thoughts thrown in.

What can I say- can't stay focused on work 100% of the time. Brain needs a break.

Selected Zhao quotes:

Everyone loves the Fire Lord... said Zhao to his therapist.
1:49 PM Jun 17th from txt

Are you like me? As soon as you get your Armor have to pee!
2:21 PM Jun 5th from web

It's raining at The Northern Air Temple again. Gonna kick some Aang today.
5:52 AM Jun 5th from TwitterFon

if you need me today, i will be at the Northern Air Temple getting some pillaging done.,
6:51 AM May 27th from TweetDeck

Thank God that Airbender called. Honestly its hard being villainous in your apartment by yourself.
5:02 PM May 26th from txt

@Beau_Carver thats funny cos i am wearing drawn on sideburns right now
9:51 AM May 28th from web in reply to Charles_Carver

All of these conjure up funny visuals, which I can't draw right now because I have to return to work. The break is over!!
Tags: aasif mandvi, zhao
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